Saturday 6th July, 2019
8.00-10.00 Registration
8.30-10.00AFF Flute Orchestra Rehearsal
10.15-11.00Welcome and Opening Concert
11.00-12.00Workshop - Wissam Boustany, Ian Clarke, Matthias Ziegler
11.00-12.00Adult Learners Workshop - Jane Bolinowsky
11.30-12.30Recital - Xavier Luck
12.00-1.00Shared Recital - Kim Falconer, Ewa Kowalski
12.00-1.00Workshop- Deconstructing Zoomtube - Gareth McLearnon
12.00-1.00Composers Workshop - Christine Draeger, Michal Rosiak
12.30-1.00Recital - James Kortum and Jeanell Carrigan - All Australian Woman Composers
2.00-3.00Recital - Denis Bouriakov
3.00-4.00Adult Learners Ensemble with Karen North
3.00-4.30Masterclass - Marina Puccinini
3.30-4.30Recital - Tomomi Matsuo, Mark Xiao, Katie Zagorski
3.30-4.30Recital - Cobus du Toit - #WeBringFlowers
4.00-5.00Workshop - Deborah Hart - Performance Anxiety
4.30-5.30Masterclass - Ian Clarke
4.30-6.00Recital - Brijette Tubb, Emily Smith, Angus McPherson, Keyna Wilkins
5.00-6.00Baroque Workshop - Hans-Dieter Michatz
5.00-6.00Yoga Workshop with James Kortum
7.00-10.00Open Flute Competition Finals

Sunday 7th July, 2019
8.30-10.00AFF Flute Orchestra Rehearsal
10.00-11.00Recital - Matthias Ziegler
11.00-12.00Piccolo Recital - Peter Verhoyen
11.00-12.00Masterclass - Joshua Batty
11.30-1.00Masterclass - Denis Bouriakov
12.00-1.00Piccolo Recital - Peter Verhoyen
12.00-1.00Shared Recital - Flute and Harp, Flute and Guitar, Flute and Marimba: Katherine Moorhead and Ingrid Bauer, Duo Vela, Thomas Waller and Mark Xiao
2.00-3.00Lunchtime Recital - Marina Piccinini
3.00-4.00Workshop - Wissam Boustany, Ian Clarke, Matthias Ziegler
3.00-4.00Composition Competition
3.00-4.30Young Artist Competition
4.00-5.00Recital - Joshua Batty
4.30-5.30Masterclass - Wissam Boustany
4.30-6.00Flute Repair Workshop with Andy Berrington
5.00-6.00Adult Learners Workshop - Jude Huxtable
5.00-6.00Yoga Workshop with James Kortum
7.00-8.30Gala Concert - Denis Bouriakov, Wissam Boustany, Ian Clarke, Marina Piccinini, Matthias Ziegler

Monday 8th July, 2019
8.00-8.50AFF Flute Orchestra Rehearsal
9.00-10.00Recital - Wissam Boustany
10.00-11.00Workshop - Wissam Boustany, Ian Clark, Matthias Ziegler
Recital - Jessie Gu, Andrew Macleod, Rosemund Plummer, Peter Verhoyen
11.00-12.00Recital - Abbie Burrows and Gareth McLearnon,  Libby Pring and Tomomi Matsuo
11.00-12.00Masterclass - Matthias Ziegler
11.00-12.00Ensemble Recital - Flutescents, Viva Flutist Flute Ensemble
11.30-1.00Repair Workshop - Andrew Berrington
12.00-1.00Victorian Flute Guild Celebrations
12.00-1.00Recital - TrioBamboo - Bronwyn Kirkpatrick, Henry Liang, Rosemund Plummer
12.00-1.00Lecture Recital - Historically Informed Performance Vivaldi Concerto RV443 - Maddilyn Goodwin, Peter Verhoyen
1.00- 2.00LUNCH
2.00- 3.00Recital - Ian Clarke
3.00- 3.30Set up for Closing Concert
3.30- 4.30Closing Concert
Program subject to change