Saturday 1st July, 2017
8.30-10.00 Registration
8.30-10.00AFF Flute Orchestra Rehearsal
10.15-11.00Welcome and Opening Concert
11.00-12.15Shared Recital - Vernon Hill, Michael Cox, Leone Buyse. Michael Webster, Diane Berger and Lisa Osmialowski
11.30-12.30Gareth McLearnon Extended Technique workshop
11.30-1.00Michael Cox Masterclass
2.00-3.00Lunchtime Recital - Julien Beaudiment
3.00-3.30Visit the Trade Hall
3.30-4.30Recital - Sally Walker - Music and Text
3.30-4.30Masterclass - Leone Buyse
3.30-4.30Adult Learners Workshop with Margaret Crawford
4.30-5.30Shared Recital - Mark Xiao and Tomomi Matsuo, Abigail Burrows and Gareth McLearnon
4.30-5.30Bridget Douglas and Kirstin Eade - Flute duet writing from the orchestral repertoire
4.30-6.00Flute Choir Recital  - IF Ensemble, Taimana Ensemble, Adelaide Flutes
5.00-6.00Yoga with James Kortum
7.00-10.00Open Flute Competition Finals

Sunday 2nd July, 2017
8.30-10.00AFF Flute Orchestra Rehearsal
10.00-11.30Masterclass - Julien Beaudiment
10.00-11.30Shared Recital - NZ Flute Trio, James Kortum, Andrew Macleod
10.30-11.30Workshop - Karen North - In the beginning
11.30-1.00Young Artist Competition Finals
11.30-12.30Fluteworthy - Practice Workshop
12.00-1.00Recital - Leone Buyse and Friends
2.00-3.00Lunchtime Recital - Michael Cox
3.00-3.30Visit the Trade Hall
3.00-4.00Yoga with James Kortum
3.30-4.15Julien Beaudiment - Poulenc Oboe Sonata (transcribed for flute) and interview
4.00-5.00Composition Competition Finals
4.00-5.00Fluteworthy Ensemble Workshop
4.15-5.00Shared Recital - Nature and Nurture - Claire Nicholson and Kaye Duffel
7.00-9.00Gala concert

Monday 3rd July, 2017
8.00-9.00AFF Flute Orchestra Rehearsal
9.00-10.00Adult Learners Workshop with Prue Farnsworth
9.30-10.30Piccolo Recital - Julia Grenfell, Andrew Macleod, Rosamund Plummer
10.00-11.00Michal Rosiak - Flutist and Composer workshop
Shared Recital - Koerner/Rottle Duo, Naomi Johnson
10.30-12.00Shared Recital - Sally Walker: Flute of the Hemispheres, Brijette Tubb and Karen Lonsdale, Sally Walker and Lamorna Nightingale: Old and New Flutes
11.00-12.30Repair Workshop - Angus McEwan and Edison Castilho Junior
11.30-12.30Recital - Andrew Nicholson
11.30-12.30Fluteworthy Practice Workshop
1.00-1.45Closing Concert
Program subject to change